House of Thee UnHoly returns to The Triple Door

The Vikings photo by Michael Doucett









House of Thee UnHoly, the epic, 90-minute, non-stop, explosion of ‘70s mythology and sexually-charged psychedelia, returns to Seattle’s Triple Door stage for five nights and ten shows March 12 through 16.

Featuring Druids, Vikings, Hindu goddesses, sex, drugs, rock ’n’ roll — and a little bumble bee with a big problem – thirteen dancers, three singers and four musicians will rock audiences in a radical rocklesque celebration of the 21st Century’s most excessive decade.
The Triple Door joins creative director paulanow (formerly known as The Swedish Housewife), along with a kaleidoscope of Seattle’s most outré and imaginative choreographers, dancers, burlesque performers, musicians, costumers, stage designers and theatrical performers in the show’s first staging since 2011.

Music is your master as “Sarah Rudinoff and Jen Ayers deliver powerful, mind-blowing vocals. The band alone is worth the price of admission,” reported The Examiner during the show’s last run. “The show delivers on its promise to leave you dazed, confused, and ecstatic.”

“House of Thee UnHoly, clearly has a rabid following, if the whoops and hollers and cheers are any indicator,” said The Seattle Times. “The costumes, extravagantly fanciful.” “House of Thee UnHoly’s sheer visual and auditory spectacle cannot be overemphasized,” wrote Culture Mob, and The Seattle Weekly called it, “Broadway level Burlesque.”

The 2014 production includes; Dancers, Lily Verlaine, Waxie Moon, Indigo Blue, Inga Ingenue, Douglass Ridings, Red Delicious, Paris Original, Polly Wood, Gerard D, Heidi Von Haught, Tory Tiara, Jody Kuehner and Mimi Me.  Singers, Sarah Rudinoff, Jen Ayers and Zack Davidson. Musicians, Andy Stoller, Ryan Burns, Darren Loucas and Mike Stone.  Set design by Jim Guerci and Chris Ford. Contributing costumers include, It’s Mark Mitchell and Lisa Marie.
House of Thee UnHoly  March 12-15, 7 and 10p.m.  Sunday, March 16, 5 and 8 p.m.

The Triple Door, 216 Union St., downtown Seattle.

Tickets range from $20 to $45. Must be 17 or older to attend. Call 206.838.4333 or see for tickets and more information.

School of Rock 2010 West Coast Tour -  Summer Fest - Seattle








photos by Michael Doucett and Christopher Nelson.

Jack & the Dragon now showing at NW Puppet Center



by the Oregon Shadow Theatre

is now showing at the Northwest Puppet Center.

There are many stories about Jack and his Ma in the Appalachian Mountains. In this fairy tale, after swatting 7 flies at one whack, Jack is hired by the King to hunt some pesky varmints, like a Giant Hog and a Unicorn, before he has to face the meanest varmint of all. He still finds time to kick up his heels with the King’s daughter at a barn dance. Colorful shadow puppets, live old time American banjo and dulcimer music and a barrel of laughs send Jack and the Dragon running down the hollow.


Saturdays & Sunday

1:00 PM & 3:00 PM through February 20

The Northwest Puppet Center is located in the Maple Leaf neighborhood at

9123 – 15th Ave NE, Seattle, 98115

For advance tickets, click here or call:

'Jack and the Dragon' by Oregon Shadow Theatre


Opening today at the Northwest Puppet Center and playing through November 21st.

A whimsical new production by Northwest Puppet Center’s founding artistic directors, Christine & Stephen Carter.

This show combines the famous tale of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” with the plot from a 19th century Parisian puppet play by Louis Emil Duranty about a  magician’s ill-fated picnic.

Get ready for the buckets to fly in this classical and comical work of puppet theater!

The Northwest Puppet Center is located in the Maple Leaf neighborhood

9123 – 15th Ave  NE, Seattle, WA 98115-3111

Sat. 1pm & 3pm
Sun. 1pm & 3pm

Advance tickets available online or by phone:

If you’d like to attend all the performances in the 2010-2011 Season,
save money with a subscription:

Tickets and subscriptions also available at the box office 30 minutes
before each show.

When you visit the puppet center be sure to visit the Puppetry Museum.

Currently on display:

An exhibit honoring
Italy‘s contributions to the art of puppetry.

This exhibit features puppets from Bergamo, Milano, Sicilia and from Italian repertoire created by Seattle’s own Carter Family Marionettes.

Included in the exhibit are artifacts from the 18th and 19th century.

Museum exhibit open before and after performances or by appointment.

Northwest Puppet Center


Joey Arias sings Billie Holiday this Tuesday at The Triple Door and a flim screening!

October 12th – Joey Arias and Eliot Douglass in “Strange Fruit”

Tuesday October 12, 7:30 PM The Triple Door

For those of you who are uninitiated to the magic that Joey Arias conjures up when he takes to the stage to sing the songs of Billie Holiday you are in for a treat and will be delighted by this sublime 90 minute sojourn of song and banter.  A dear friends mother (now in her 80’s) came to see the show last year sums it up best “ I never thought I would live to see Billie Holiday perform live!” or Christopher Frizelle of The Stranger “It will blow your fucking head open! ”, mind bending indeed.

For one night only, the legendary New York performance artist  Joey Arias and Eliot Douglass will appear at the Triple Door, performing original works alongside the material of Ms. Holiday–as only Joey Arias can conjure her. A two-time “Critic’s Choice” and “Pick of the Week” (Los Angeles Times), Seattle Gay News writer Sara Michelle Fetters said this of his last Triple Door performance:  “To say he left victorious would be something of an understatement… the only thing strange about this particular fruit is just how darn brilliant he really is.” -SGN, April 9 ’08

Seattle musicians Craig Flory – Saxophone, Geoff Harper -Bass and Denali Williams – Drums will be joining Joey and Eliot on stage Tuesday night.

Buy Tickets for this event HERE

October 16th – Arias With A Twist : The Docufantasy

Saturday, October 16, 5:00PM , The Egyptian Theatre

Bobby Sheehan; 2010; US; 88 min.

When legendary performance artist Joey Arias and internationally renowned puppeteer Basil Twist collaborated to make the avant-garde show “Arias with a Twist,” the result was a trip into the dreamworld imaginations of two extraordinary artists. In between jaw-droppingly beautiful scenes from the show’s world tour, this Docufantasy explores the lives and art of both Arias and Twist. Along the way, we met their friends and collaborators, including Andy Warhol, David Bowie, Klaus Nomi, Jim Henson, Keith Haring, Grace Jones, Elvira, Pee-wee Herman, Paula the Swedish Housewife, and many others. Be prepared for a groundbreaking, magical, and surreal experience! Read more about this event HERE

I’m an honored to be joining up with Three Dollar Bill Cinema to extend a limited offer joint cover to attend both of the spectacular Joey Arias events to hit  Seattle this October!

For $25 you can attend both “Strange Fruit” at The Triple Door October 12th, and the Docufantasy “Arias with a Twist”‘ at The Lesbian Gay Film Festival, October 16th at The Egyptian. Joey will be staying on after his performance at The Triple Door to attend the screening on Saturday and partake in a Q&A.

To take advantage of this offer please call The Triple Door Box Office 206- 838-4333 and use the code ” Holiday” to make your reservation. You will receive a voucher to attend the screening on October 16, when you check in with the hostess at The Triple Door to attend “Strange Fruit”.

PDL Blog Theater

PDL strikes again… this time on Regina Hackett’s blog.

PDL would like to invite you to witness the conclusion of our first two act blog theater production called “George Washington.”

Last Thursday, September 18th, we posted the first act on the Strangers Slog ( under the posting ‘Overstimulation Roundup” (September 18th, 4:23 pm).

Tonight we completed act two on Regina Hackett’s blog ( under the posting “Ignoring the online arts community while joining it” (September 24th, 8:41 pm).

It clocked in at around 700 posts and took about 7 hours. As crazy as a task as this may sound, we recognized the great potential to use public comments on media blogs as a stage for presenting plays, stories, improvisation and other acts of text based art. In an age where the blog forum is filled with chaos and random chatter, we saw an opportunity to create and present stories embedded in other organizations websites.

We encourage you to read the entirety of George Washington. We encourage you to reconsider the possibilities and potential for collaborative fiction. But most of all we hope you think about it, enjoy it, and give it a shot sometime. It is one way to get your ideas and your stories out to a larger audience.

I love this call to action. Shall we have a little collaborative fiction? Maybe if the presidential debates don’t happen tonight, some creative minds could enact fantasy debates in the comments of the appropriate political or newspaper blogs….