Local Artist’s Home Featured on “Building Off the Grid” on DIY Network 1/19/2016

Living off the Grid, DIY Network

Building ‘Off the Grid’ at Rangerville

Premiering Tuesday, January 19th, 7pm, DIY Network (Channel 203 on Comcast)

This past summer the rural Pacific NW property of local artist Ranger Kidwell-Ross was selected as the location for an episode of DIY Network’s ‘Building Off the Grid’ television series. For six weeks starting in late August and ending on October 8th, Kidwell-Ross was joined by renowned alternative builder, Sunray Kelley and his assistant Sierra Sandra-Hewitt, as well as a two-person builder team based in Ithaca, NY, Carolyn Peaches and Matteo Lundgren.

DIY Network, rustic home in Bow Edison

The one-hour show was directed and produced by Alan Madison, of NYC-based Sharp Entertainment. No photos of the process or the completed building may be shown prior to airing of the show, which is why the building itself is covered by a curtain in the photo. However, we can tell you the design and materials’ utilization have, as far as is known, never been done prior to the building of this very unusual structure. Tune in to the DIY Network on January 19th for the 7pm show, which is being called ‘Mud Men.’

The entire project was video recorded for DIY Network to be shown as part of their ‘Building Off the Grid’ series. Filming was done by NYC-based, Sharp Entertainment, who had the producer/director here onsite for four of the six weeks the build process took place.

Says Ranger:

┬áIt was a truly interesting process, that on many days began with being mic’ed up with a battery pack microphone as early as 7:30am. In addition to having two cameras constantly filming, the company also employed a drone to take overhead aerial shots of the process. Plus, since there was no electricity during filming at the build site, the whole thing was, indeed, a true building off the grid process. To recharge the cameras, cordless drills and saws, drone, battery packs, computers, etc., though, I ran an extension cord over 300′ from the nearest outlet to a covered space where we could access the myriad of chargers needed.

Ranger Kidwell-Ross

One can watch the show in Seattle if they have Comcast (Do It Yourself Network is channell 203) or there will be a ‘preview party’ to see the show at the Edison Inn. You are invited if you’d like to attend. There is no charge, although the food and bar selections will be ‘no host.’ It is the Edison’s normal Taco Tuesday night so you can expect to be able to partake in that low-cost food special if you’d like.

Living Off The Grid


Local Artist’s Home Featured on “Building Off the Grid” on DIY Network 1/19/2016