Laura Brodax PoP uP Art Tile Sale at The Grocery

The Grocery.Demi Raven.Janet Galore

Ceramic Art Tile Sale hosted by Laura Brodax and Janet Galore, featuring a collection of quirky + original vintage tile (never used), a surplus of mosaic shards, oddments of delightful artist-made tile and more from the collection of artist Laura Brodax. In 1984, she obtained a large amount of vintage tile from Norton Tile and Marble. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to view and purchase boxes of vintage eclectic Spanish tile, original Pomona 1940’s California wall tile and pieces from public art projects!

Sat Jan 30: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sun Jan 31: 12:00pm – 5:00pm

The Grocery, a creative art and idea space
3001 21st Ave S, Seattle WA 98144

Laura Brodax is a ceramic tile artist, photographer and serigrapher who works with photographic images printed onto porcelain tile, clay shapes and mosaics.

Pop Up Art Tile Sale!


Laura Brodax ‘Garniture: New Work on Tile’ at Bass

laura brodax

‘Garniture: New Work on Tile’

A collection of screen printed tile wall pieces and tile/steel tables of botanicals and other organisms.

“Garniture” is part of Laura’s exploration of the movement of the natural world. Through light table photography she investigates the sensitive chaos of lines in nature; veining, capillary, variegation, dappling, twisting: similar patterns yet occurring in different contexts.

The show features framed wall pieces and fabricated steel tables created by screen printing original photographic imagery onto hand-made porcelain tiles. Also in the show is a collection of delicate celadon glazed sake bottles and cups.

Bass Gallery and Framing is located in Madison Valley in Seattle.