Ho Ho Holidays Art Show and Sale with Kelly Lyles, Theresa Neinas and Phil Scroggs

Kelly Lyles, Theresa Neinas Art Show
Kelly Lyles, Theresa Neinas and Phil Scroggs created this unique show to celebrate the season. Holidays are a time of family togetherness, peace and love. But it’s also consumerism, pressures and stress; therefore we commemorate with humour, twisted iconography, and in some cases, inserting the fun in dysfunction.

Many of these works were designed as the artists’ personal Christmas and Hanukkah cards, some created together on the same winter night at a linoleum block carving event.

Kelly started her tradition by designing and printing 1,000 cards for her own friends, these are her originals (many of the images are also $1 postcards available for sale). And in the spirit of the season all of these artworks are priced as affordable, memorable gifts.

The exhibition will be on view and open to the public during December, 2014 (Mon.- Thu. 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.) Please join the artists for a special reception on the evening of December 11th.

Normandy Park City Hall, 801 SW 174th St. Normandy Park, WA 98166

Holiday Cards by Kelly Lyles

Happy Hollandaise 2013Order your holiday postcards from Seattle artist Kelly Lyles, $1 each or 15 for $10. Postcards are cheaper and easier to mail than cards with envelopes, and these creative cards are so fun and individual, so order yours today.

Kelly has had over 15 years as an award-winning illustrator and designer and her background included comps, storyboards, logos, corporate identity, catalogue layouts and illustration for clothing lines. Clients included Kraft foods, Cellular One, the Mariners, Hewlett-Packard, PCC, REI, Union Bay, Eddie Bauer, Sun sportswear, as well as smaller local companies.

Contact Kelly for cards, pet portraits or other design jobs at Kelly@Kellyspot.com or visit her website KellySpot.com!