Don’t Stop the (Progressive) Talk

KPTK-AM, aka “Seattle’s Progressive Talk AM 1090,” goes off the air the day after New Year’s.

For more than eight years KPTK has provided an oasis of sanity in a commercial talk airspace dominated by the rabid right. Over the years it brought Al Franken, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, and other powerful wits to local airwaves. While it had no local hosts (save for Ron Reagan’s former Seattle-based syndicated show), it had a regular on-air calendar of political events.

The station’s impending demise is not due to any specific lack of ratings or popularity, but simply to corporate priorities. The station’s owned by the CBS Radio Stations Group. CBS has its own sports talk network in the works, and is “flipping” many of its AM outlets to make room for it.

There’s a “Save Progressive Talk” page on Facebook. And there’s an online petition to try to persuade CBS to keep the progressive-talk format on the air.

Election Night at the OBAMA (Official Bad Art Museum of Art) at Cafe Racer

Spend Election Night where it all began, in the OBAMA ROOM at the Official Bad Art Museum of Art at Cafe Racer on Tuesday, November 6th.

This is a great video from Election Night 2008. Let’s relive the dream and make it happen again, friends.

Drink Specials and Loco Moco, the official dish of Hawaii, in honor of President Barack Obama’s place of birth.

Join your friends. And don’t forget to vote!

Support marriage equality? Then you’ll want to attend this event to support our next governor

Christine Gregoire, who recently proposed a same-sex marriage bill, is retiring and the likely Republican candidate for governor will be Rob McKenna.  McKenna does not support marriage equality and you may also remember he sued the federal government and President Obama for his health care plan, in the name of the citizens of Washington State.

Jay Inslee is running as the Democratic candidate for governor and he fully supports bringing marriage equality to Washington state. He’s been encouraged by the willingness of legislators on both sides of the aisle to join the effort of passing it in the Legislature, and is hopeful they will succeed.

“Jay is a co-sponsor of the Respect for Marriage Act, a bill that would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and allow the federal government to provide benefits to same-sex couples.” (The Olympian)

According to a recent poll by KING 5 News, Attorney General Rob McKenna has a 46-43 percent lead over Rep. Jay Inslee and as of year’s end, he had raised $3.76 million to $3.32 million for Inslee, and had $2.28 million in the bank to $2.03 for his Democratic opponent.

Why am I telling you this? So you can take action and join us in a fundraising brunch for Jay this Sunday, January 22nd 11:30 to 1pm at the home of James and Sue Tupper near Sandpoint by Lake Washington. The snow will be gone by Sunday and we can all drink a glass of champagne to Jay’s candidacy.

We need to fill the coffers and friends are asked to donate at least $250 to attend the event, to help Jay’s candidacy and to make sure we have equal rights for all of Washington’s citizens.

RSVP to Alexa at 206-328-2969 or email to Alexa

Tonight! Alex Steffen at Town Hall

One year ago, Alex Steffen took the stage at Town Hall and called on Seattle to become North America’s first carbon neutral city. A year later, that goal is on its way to becoming official city policy. Steffen returns to talk about cities, Seattle, innovation, the climate, the economy and the state of the future. Environmental journalist Steffen co-founded Worldchanging, a critically-acclaimed sustainability site, with an archive of over 10,000 articles and a large global audience.

Tickets are $5 at Brown Paper Tickets.

Wednesday, November 3, 7:30 pm
Town Hall, Seattle
1119 8th Ave

• Twist Pic of the Week !

We’re looking forward to lots more dancing in the White House now.

We’re looking forward to children’s laughter, a sweetness, and return to grace that has been missing from the First Family for too many years. 

See special inauguration moments captured in video on CNN 

And check out the new White House Blog set up by the Director of New Media for the White House.

My my, change is coming to The White House !

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The Obama Inauguration and The Moment

• Our friend David Gedye, who is always leading projects he cooks up with mind blowing results, just sent us an email for his newest project, a collaboration with CNN and Photosynth for an ambitious presidential inauguration project.  He writes:

You’ll be interested to know that I’m on my way to Washington DC to help CNN with an ambitious presidential inauguration project that we cooked up a month ago.

The idea is to use Photosynth (the 3D photo technology I’ve been working on for the last few years) to capture the exact moment when the President-Elect becomes the President. We are using about 10 CNN photographers and thousands of people in the crowd, who are being asked to send us their photo of “the moment”.

If all goes well there will be a “synth” on the CNN website a few hours after the inauguration, and if it’s great, they will show it on their big Magic Wall on their TV broadcast sometime during the afternoon or evening of inauguration day.  CNN is promoting the project on air already, so if you tune in today you’ll see graphics for “The Moment”, and Photosynth being demonstrated by Tom Foreman.

Exciting stuff! You can see how CNN is promoting it at

• You may remember the post that I wrote for with the video embedded of the Synth that David Gedye did of our living room for the Photosynth release Demo/How-To video last August. Here is a link to the article with the video.

• Happy Halloween! and Don’t Forget to Vote!

Pumpkins for Obama. A collection of Americans (and beyond) showing Obama support in a fun, positive, October appropriate way. Download, carve & share YOUR Barack O’Lantern at

…And on a possibly related note, Marlow and I are officially opening our Official Bad Art Museum of Art ( or O.B.A.M.A. ) on Saturday, November 15th. Have Fun, Be There! Details here. -JoDavid

PDL Blog Theater

PDL strikes again… this time on Regina Hackett’s blog.

PDL would like to invite you to witness the conclusion of our first two act blog theater production called “George Washington.”

Last Thursday, September 18th, we posted the first act on the Strangers Slog ( under the posting ‘Overstimulation Roundup” (September 18th, 4:23 pm).

Tonight we completed act two on Regina Hackett’s blog ( under the posting “Ignoring the online arts community while joining it” (September 24th, 8:41 pm).

It clocked in at around 700 posts and took about 7 hours. As crazy as a task as this may sound, we recognized the great potential to use public comments on media blogs as a stage for presenting plays, stories, improvisation and other acts of text based art. In an age where the blog forum is filled with chaos and random chatter, we saw an opportunity to create and present stories embedded in other organizations websites.

We encourage you to read the entirety of George Washington. We encourage you to reconsider the possibilities and potential for collaborative fiction. But most of all we hope you think about it, enjoy it, and give it a shot sometime. It is one way to get your ideas and your stories out to a larger audience.

I love this call to action. Shall we have a little collaborative fiction? Maybe if the presidential debates don’t happen tonight, some creative minds could enact fantasy debates in the comments of the appropriate political or newspaper blogs….

May 10th: The El Vez For Prez Tour 08 Plus Trannyshack!

The El Vez For Prez Tour 08

Yes!  It’s true every one’s favorite Mexican Immigrant is rocking the vote again this election year. Come check out his politics, his band, and the lovely Swedish Housewife!

The Kirkland Performing Arts Center

350 Kirkland Avenue



$10 – $26

The Swedish Housewife will be shakin’ her money-maker twice in one night; once with El Vez in Kirkland and later that same evening  in the heart of Seattle at Neumos!

Trannyshack Seattle

Hosted by Heklina with fabulous co-hostess Ursula Android and DJ Baby J.

Performances by Jackie Hell, Renttecca, Raya Light, Paula The Swedish Housewife, Kiddie, Ultra, Sylvia O’Stayformore, and more!


925 East Pike Street


 Door at 9:30PM

Show at 11:00PM