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STUDIO 66 Feb 2014

STUDIO 66: 60’s Dance Night, DJ’s, Bands, Go-Go Dancers Seattle Feb 1st!

Seattle’s longest running 60’s night

Saturday February 1st, 9PM Doors


At The Lo-Fi Performance Gallery
429 Eastlake Ave E,
Next to the Victory Lounge

A night of 60’s MOD, Psychedelic and Garage Rock, Vintage Soul, Brit-Pop, Acid Jazz and International Pop- plus Fabulous Go-Go dancers and some of the Northwest’s Best bands.


The Gentle Pop of

Our House Band
The 66’ers

As always with Resident DJ’s

(“It’s a MOD MOD World” Modcast)


(Straight from London)

Plus Go-Go Dancing by

Psychedelic visuals in the front lounge, bands in the second room, two bars.

$9 cover
21 + admitted

More info and directions here.

STUDIO 66 May 4th

Studio66 May 4th 2013

A night of 60’s mod, psychedelic and garage rock, vintage soul, Brit-pop, acid jazz and international pop.

Featuring Live Music From –

60’s Power Pop Legends!

Studio 66’s own house band – THE 66’ERS

As always with Resident DJ’s CHRISPO, VODKA TWIST, and PELVIS


21 + admitted

Facebook Page:

Event Page for May 4th

From Parker’s to Parked Cars

Parker's in 1951; Washington State Archive via Shoreline History Museum
Parker’s in 1951; Washington State Archive via Shoreline History Museum

After 82 years, Parker’s Ballroom on Aurora in Shoreline was demolished in November.

Also known over the years as the Aquarius Tavern and Parker’s Casino, it originally opened as a naughty out-of-town “roadhouse” on the then-new highway from Seattle to Everett. The 20,000 square foot room (with no supporting posts inside) was a rollicking big-band venue during the swing years, then a major rock club hosting everyone from the Fabulous Wailers and the Sonics to Heart.

It was a cardroom and sports bar most recently, closing earlier this year. If any attempt was made to save it, I haven’t heard of it.

The site’s rumored next use: a car lot.

Let the Lava and the Booze Flow

Lava Lounge pictured in 2001.
Lava Lounge pictured in 2001.

The Lava Lounge, Belltown’s hip hangout bar since 1995, was the topic of assorted rumors over the last month or two. Depending on which story you heard, the Lava might or might not be sold within the next month or so, and might or might not be closing shortly after that.

Finally came the official word: Mike McAlpin, who’s owned the Lava since its start (and also owns Mama’s Mexican Kitchen two doors down), has sold the Lava to Marcus Johnson and Jessica Gifford.

Johnson and Gifford already own two other bars in the neighborhood, the Rabbit Hole (on the same block as the Lava) and Bathtub Gin. They promise to add the rummy-tiki drinks a place that looks like the Lava ought to have, but to otherwise keep it the same friendly lowlife joint it’s always been.

(Marcus Johnson is not to be confused with Marcus Charles, who owns Belltown’s Crocodile and Local 360, and who had also owned the now-closed Juju next door to the Lava.)

(Marcus Johnson is also not to be confused with Marques Johnson, former TV/radio announcer for the (sniff) Sonics.)

BRING US YOUR TOYS!!! or Santa will only bring you coal and twigs…


Toys For Tots Benefit  Saturday, Dec 11  

            Bring a New, Unwrapped Toy for our toy collection.
Music by Marshall Scott Warner & THE BLACK CRABS
Burlesque by Emerald Dollies
Hosting by Sweetpea, Kitty Baby & The Pinup Angels

Raffle Prizes! Drink Specials! RJB Photo Booth!

CHRISTMAS CUTIE PINUP CONTEST: Anything goes! Christmas Cutie, Naughty Elf, Mrs. Clause, Mistress Clause, Drunk Santa. ALL are welcome. NO PRE-REGISTRATION NEEDED. Just show up cute! No dressing room will be provided. Contest will be held maybe 11pm-ish, depending on how the night goes. Prizes TBA. 

Also, we are still accepting prizes for our raffle drawings. If you would like to donate goods, or services, please email, and I will get you in touch with the Pinup Angels that are organizing the event.  Thanks!

World Extreme Pencil Fighting Championships V: ERASED

Pabst Blue Ribbon presents:

WXPFL Pencil Fighting Championships V: ERASED

at The Funhouse in Seattle – Thursday May 20th 9pm – featuring live music by LESBIAN

Check out this video:!/video/video.php?v=390443176739&oid=182400750033

Starting at 9pm is the WXPFL Tournament pitting WXPFL Superstars vs. randonly drawn audience members in a battle for cash, prizes, trophy, glory, and most importantly, and immediate shot at the WXPFL Championship!
The same championship currently held by the most dangerous and outspoken man in the sport, 4-time champ THE BIRD!

Going for the Bird’s trophy are the members of the roster of WXPFL Pro Gra-Fighting Superstars…, Mick Finster The Lepre-Con, DeeeVious Silvertounge, Ronald McFondle, Thaddeus P. Skrilla – The Hundred Dollar Man and more!

Recently added to the tournament is a former WPFL champion, a true living legend, and one of the biggest stars of 80’s Gra-Fighting:
Does he still have what it takes to swing cedar with the young blood?

PLUS: Special challenge match:


Live Music by “The Sound of Pencil Fighting”:


DJ BOBCAT spins non-stop Metal all night!

Hosted by Prof. Jake Stratton (BloodHag, Rat City Rollergirls, SSP)
and Don “Beauty” Rumble.

Sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, The Rat City Rollergirls, Scarecrow Video, Pierced Hearts Tattoo & Piercing, Puffin’ Glass studios, Archie McPhee, Dixon/Ticonderoga Pencils and Buff Nuxx weight gain powder.

$7 21+ 8pm doors/9pm…Pencil Fight!
The Funhouse 206 5th ave. N. Under the Space Pencil, I mean, Needle.

As always, get to know more about Pencil Fighting at

Seattle Restaurants

Seattle has so many great restaurants and has almost any kind of food once can imagine or crave.  Because of its unique location on the Pacific Rim, Seattle’s food choices have been influenced by many Asian and European countries.

Here is a list of my favorite restaurants, starting with my Number One favorite restaurant/bar/nightclub/hang-out/museum/clubhouse: CAFE RACER!

First, let me say disclose that Jodavid and I curate a museum at Cafe Racer called the Official Bad Art Museum of Art.  However, we would like it anyway, as the food’s good and we love the ambiance and friendly vibe.  Kurt makes a killer Corned Beef Hash on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and the burgers are good any day of the week.  They also have something called the Wonder Weiner with a hotdog and cream cheese.  Mmmm Good!

Thai Sandwiches (Ban Mai)

Best restaurant is Seattle Deli for their barbequed pork sandwiches.  They have cilantro, a special butter, carrots, all on a crusty French baguette.

Best Fancy Restaurant

It may seem like a splurge, but there really is a way to eat at Canlis without blowing the entire contents of your wallet. It’s called the lounge, and it is one of the most underrated dining destinations in Seattle, at least for the younger set. Sure, you could spend $115 on the current tasting menu, but if you take a seat in one of the lounge’s comfy padded booths, you not only get the same (albeit a bit obstructed) view as dining room guests, you get a much less expensive bar menu to order from.

For less than $20, you can choose from an array of different dishes, such as the smoked king salmon with yogurt, lobster coral (roe), and sorrel ($8); Moroccan-spiced lamb sliders with pickles and truffle fries ($14); and teriyaki tenderloin with scallions and gomashio ($10). Canlis also boasts one of the best cocktail programs in town, so order one of the many specialty drinks, enjoy your small plates, and sit back while Walt plays from his extensive and surprisingly current songbook that ranges from Elton John to the Foo Fighters. Canlis, 2576 Aurora Ave. N., 283-3313.

Darrell’s Tavern Grand Re-opening


Come up north on Saturday Feb 13th to celebrate the rebirth of a great neighborhood dive, Darrell’s Tavern at 18041 Aurora.

I’d passed by Darrell’s Tavern (just off Aurora Avenue, a bit south of Aurora Village) so many times, and never happened to find it open when it was convenient. Then when I started to make trips specifically to go there, I’d find it closed even at the most unexpected times. As I visited other area bars and chatted with the locals, I began to pick up pieces of the story of the aging, interesting owner — the CPA business upstairs (where he may or may not have lived for a while), the fleet of Lincoln Continentals in the parking lot, the Korean wife who spiced up the place for a few years, then left him, subsequently caring less and less about the bar as a going concern.


I despaired of ever being able to add Darrell’s to my Project K-Bar list of bars where I’ve had a drink. So I was delighted to be driving past one night and notice that it was actually open. And I was even more pleased to find that it had a new owner, Dan Dykman, who appreciates the character and the history of the place while simultaneously bringing some much needed upkeep and upgrades. Dan dropped a healthy sum just to fix, move, and preserve the old sign out front, and while cleaning up the classic 60s decor and neighborhood feel, he is bringing in live music, adding liquor, and making other improvements.

This Saturday Dan is having a “grand re-opening” party with live music at the bar “where your dad used to drink.” If you love great old neighborhood bars, you owe to yourself to drop by — on Saturday night if possible, or sometime not too long after that. – 18041 Aurora Avenue North

Cocktails with Sylvia, Tor, Burt & friends.


Sylvia O’Stayformore, a longtime drag hostess and fixture on Capitol hill, is taking the new light rail to explore the city. She has taken the lead pianist of her previous band, Pocket Hercules, and they are off to explore the world. First stop Orient Express. Join Sylvia and Tor Middlewood as they explore rare Bacharach, vaudeville standards, girl group songs and original compositions. It’s true intimate cabaret at it’s finest. The train cars are small so come early to get a good seat where all the action is. Dinner and Drinks are served all night.

Tor Middlewood has an abiding love for 60s Pop of all kinds, but Girl Group artists and French Pop in particular. Since he encountered reactions ranging from bewilderment to dismay when suggesting to the heterosexual musicians he’s worked with trying to work Girl Group songs into their repertoire, he thought he may as well give a drag queen performer a try. Good thing he did. He has found in Sylvia an alacrity and openness to so many kinds of music he loves, it has set the beehive, or should we say anthill, of his mind a-whirl with the possibilities.

Tor, who plays guitar as well as keyboards, has played Rock of all kinds with a plethora of musicians and can bring the RAWK with the best of them, but, feeling it’s not quite right for him to stuff a sock in his pants and perm his hair, and due to the fact that he doesn’t have a Marshall stack, has decided to turn his talent elsewhere…. for the time being. Certain songs he’s written which were turned down by other musical outfits he is in and has been in can now find an audience. He calls his pairing with Sylvia O “a little twisted, but overall, perfect. Now this is fun!”

Orient Express Restaurant and Lounge 2963 4th Ave. S. (SODO) Seattle WA. Show runs every Thursday night (January and February) from 8:00pm-10:00pm No Cover

Thursday, January 7, 2010 08:00 PM – Thursday February 25th, 2010

Restaurant reservations and information: 206-682-0683

Celebrate the 21st Amendment (Part 4)

It’s Repeal Day!

We’ve reviewed some of the very oldest bars in Seattle, some out of the way and often overlooked prohibition era bars, and what may be the oldest continually operating gay bar in the country. Tonight’s the night you should celebrate your constitutional right to booze at one of these historic saloons or just your favorite neighborhood joint.

Prohibition disposal (public domain photo from Wikimedia Commons)
Prohibition disposal (public domain photo from Wikimedia Commons)

Below is a list of Seattle area bars that I’ve found which have origins preceding 1950 (and my best assessement of the bar’s date of origin, as per the guidelines I described in Part 3). Any one of them would make a fine Repeal Day setting, especially if you’ve never been to it before. If I have missed any, of if you have any information or questions on these old bars, please drop me a line at


[Update: This list has been amended considerably since the original publication of this post. See the Seattle’s Oldest Bars page.]

Seattle’s Oldest Bars

  • 1890 – Merchants Cafe
  • 1892 – The Central Cafe/Saloon/Tavern (originally Watson Bros. Famous Restaurant, then “Seattle Bar” in 1901, and “Central Cafe” in 1919)
  • 1890s – Doc Maynards Public House (refurbished 1890s pub, in the Pioneer Building, built 1891)
  • 1907 – Jules Maes (building constructed in 1898, leased by Jules Maes himself in 1936)
  • 1908? – The Virginia Bar/Inn
  • 1933 – Athenian Inn (restaurant since 1909)
  • 1933 – Five Point Cafe (restaurant since 1929)
  • 1933 – Caroline Tavern (building constructed 1926)
  • 1933 – The Cabin
  • 1933? – Fifth Avenue Tavern
  • 1934 – The Double Header (est. 1930?)
  • 1934 – Blue Moon Tavern
  • 1938 – The Buckaroo Tavern
  • 1940 – Al’s Tavern
  • 1945 – North City Tavern (Since at least 1945, probably 1933; oldest commercial building in north city (1929))
  • 1948? – The Comet Tavern
  • RIP – J & M Cafe and Cardroom (Closed 2009; J&M established in previous location 1889, move to recent location in 1902)