BeginAgain by zoe | juniper


Support zoe | juniper’s newest groundbreaking performance work. BeginAgain. Help take their transcendent artistry to a whole new level.


2013 Princess Grace and Stranger Genius Awardee zoe | juniper is a dance and visual art company based in Seattle, WA co-directed by Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey. Since 2006 they have been creating awe inspiring performance and installation work nationally and internationally. The company’s work has been referred to as “Unsettling dance dreamscapes that make theaters feel like bottled lightning” by Brendan Kiley. Together they have created 3 evening length works and been commissioned and presented by The Joyce Theater, Jacob’s Pillow, NYLA, CalArts, Columbia College Chicago, PICA, Velocity Dance Center and On the Boards.


BeginAgain serves as a departure from past projects in an attempt to challenge our own assumptions about creation. In the past, we began by creating and setting choreography first and then creating production components: lighting, sound, video and costumes, in response to the movement. For BeginAgain we want to flip this process on its head. We want to see what happens when we start with the production design and then create the choreography in response to these design elements.

We wrapped up our first of three production residencies for BeginAgain in August. While in the theater at On the Boards, we played with some stunning set, video projection, sound and lighting design ideas. Being immersed in this sonic and visual world so early in the creative process allows us to respond and choreograph in completely new ways.

We are heading back into the studio to begin the intensive rehearsal phase and we need your support to take us through this next step. We need funding to pay the amazing collaborators who are embarking on this journey with us: dancer Ariel Freedman, apprentices Kim Lusk, Erin McCarthy and Coleman Pester and our brilliant design team. Your support ensures that these accomplished artists will all get paid fairly for their time and artistic contributions.

It is our goal to continue creating. We have so much to share and explore. Your support allows us the honor and privilege of continuing on this journey. We are excited to continue following our creative desires while challenging ourselves to create beyond the definitions of what our respective fields dictate.


SEATTLE: MARCH 27 – 30, 2014 | On the Boards
NEW YORK: MAY 8 – 10, 2014 | Co-presented by The Joyce & Three Legged Dog

More tour dates to be announced for the 2014-2015 Season!

All funds raised will go directly into production costs and towards paying the people who are making the magic happen. Dancing is hard work and we strongly value paying dancers for their time and energy. Technical Residencies are really fun, but they are also expensive.

Joey Bates Iceland

Joey Bates Iceland

by Siolo Thompson for MIROIR Magazine

0Joey Bates composite 510

          Years ago I stumbled across a lovely collection of artwork at a Seattle coffee shop. The art was figurative but line driven, bright but soulful and one of those lovely drawings became the first piece of original art I ever bought for myself (a soul sustaining indulgence I highly recommend). The work, by Joey Bates, became something of a personal obsession and over the years I have watched with interest as he has evolved and progressed.

          Joey Bates is planning a trip to Iceland this summer to gather source material for a new body of work and he agreed to meet with me over coffee to talk about the trip, his fundraising plans, and the work he hopes will come from this journey.

1jbates_mountseries1 510

I have always thought of your art as primarily figurative, are you stepping away from that tradition in this new series?

My work has always involved pattern making and the exploration of textures within forms but with these new works I am venturing farther away from the figurative and am more directly working with patterns that occur in nature, specifically geological patterns.

The series of work that I’ve just begun exploring revolves around the way that land is formed. I’m interested in the visual power of landscapes and telling that story.


You are currently raising funds for a trip to Iceland to gather material for this work, why Iceland, especially when you live in the Pacific Northwest, a geologically rich area?

Yes, we do have Mount Rainier and some wonderful geological things to explore here in the Northwest and I don’t doubt that my work will at some point feature our own mountains. What draws me to Iceland specifically is how geologically diverse and dynamic the land is. For example, it lies on a geologic rift and above a hotspot. The result is an island of volcanism and geothermal phenomena. The land is essentially in flux, changing and morphing in ways that are interesting, poignant, and documentable. This trip is about exploration of this changing landscape and seeing where the reference material takes me and my artwork.


A lot of artists work from reference material gathered from the internet, books or the photography of others. Is it necessary to gather reference material first hand? How might traveling to Iceland affect your process?

For the last year or so I have been exploring mountains from the confines of my studio using the internet, for example, to find visual references. I don’t think it’s a bad practice but it certainly seems better to gather references first hand and even more than that, to experience the place in person. My work, like the landscape in Iceland, is in flux. Drawing inspiration from the place itself rather than from the visual experiences of others opens the door to inspiration and innovation. I have some ideas of the materials I would like to see and capture but I’m also approaching the experience with an open mind and a willingness to let the land speak to me and affect my work in new ways.


 We wish Joey Bates the best of luck with his new body of work and his efforts to engage new themes and landscapes. Please take a moment to visit his fundraising campaign and contribute to the development of this exceptional artist.

Cornish BFA Exhibition – EXPO 13

bloomCornish banner

Cornish BFA Exhibition – EXPO 13

Opening Reception: Friday, May 10, 5 – 9 pm

EXPO 13 builds upon the annual BFA Exhibition, highlighting the depth and range of our students’ creative inquiry and expression at Cornish College of the Arts. The Art and Design shows serve as the keystone to an expanded schedule of events, including dialogue, performances, and artistic interventions. EXPO 13 celebrates the achievements of Cornish’s graduating seniors by acknowledging their contributions as professional artists and designers. Cornish is proud of their determination, hard word, and appetite for experimentation, as they turn their ambitions from school towards society. Congratulations to the class of 2013.

Opening Reception: May 10, 5 – 9 pm

Student Spotlights: May 11, 1-5 pm

Design BFA Exhibition: May 10 – 24, Main Campus Center

Art BFA Exhibition: May 10 – 25, Visual Arts Complex

Gallery Hours: noon – 5 pm, Mon – Sat

Main Campus Center
1000 Lenora Street, Seattle, WA

Visual Arts Complex
2000 Terry Ave, Seattle, WA


Chloe Allred – “Bloom, Moving Forward”, 2013, oil on canvas, 66 x 42 inches

Head to Toe: Art of the Human Figure

Chloe Invite Seattle Twist size

Please join us at this wonderful show of Art by:

Chloe Allred, Gail Baker, Sarah Banks, Sofya Belinskaya, Lee Berry, Dyan Bone, Ellen Borison, Louise Britton, Lance Carlton, Monique Catino, Tom Cogbill, Mel Curtis, Jini Dellaccio, Jennifer Frohwerk, Rob Garrison, Sandy Haight, Elizabeth Halfacre, Jennifer Hines, Irena Jablonski, Kiraya Kestin, Janice King, David Ko, Jim Kurihara, Larry Larsen, Donna Lough, Annette Lusher, Carol Milne, Naoko Morisawa, Karen Richter, Juliette Ripley-Dunkelberger, Suze Woolf, Curtis Wright.

Twist Flick of the Week!


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Good friend and Uber-Muse of Seattle Twist, Singer/songwriter Barbara Ireland sings the classic O’Jays tune, “For the Love of Money” as an anti-greed message for this year’s presidential election 2012.

Thank you, Barbara, and your super wonderful crew

Backup singers: Caprina Stone and Karen Shelton
Photographed by Kelly Mercier

This mp3 can be purchased via the Music Store on Barbara’s FB Music Page:

Guitar: Johnny Sangster
Bass: Joe ‘Bass’ Skyward
Drums: Ben Ireland
Sax: Hans Teuber
Trumpet: Thomas Marriott

Fundraiser for Cafe Racer victims at Cloud City Coffee this Saturday 4 -7pm

Fundraiser for Cafe Racer victims at Cloud City Coffee


Stop by this Saturday, July 28 from 4PM to 7PM to help us show our support for the victims of the Cafe Racer shooting. We will have a silent auction for bad art, appetizers from the Roosevelt Ale House, wine, beer, coffee and more. All proceeds will go to the Cafe Racer Victims’ Fund. See you Saturday!

Cloud City Coffee

8801 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, Washington 98115

View Map · Get Directions


Belltown Arts Revue this Thursday July 5th


  • Here we go Seattle!

    July is going to be the craziest Sideshow yet! Even more artists, music and some amazing vaudeville and burlesque performances.

    Also, excited to announce that the after party will be in the main room at The Crocodile this month.

    Swing by any of the participating venues to pick up your tickets which get you free food, drink specials and entry into the show at The Crocodile at the end of the night which will be especially crazy this month!

    Under the Needle Tattoo- 2118 2nd Ave
    Back Bar Beauties (
    Kylie Kyote
    Guest appearance from Don’t Talk to the Cops!
    Artwork by Chris Adams, Levi Polzin, Megan Shore
    Matt Lentz and Joel Kennedy

    The Upstairs-2209 2nd Ave
    Aaron Zig
    Razzle B Dazzle
    Brad Mariachi
    Artwork by various local artists

    Clever Bottle- 2222 2nd Avenue #100
    Back Bar Beauties (
    Carolina and the Longshots
    Titillating Twins
    Lily Fawn
    Smilin Scandinavians
    Artwork by Deborah Spencer and Andie Deroux @ Vice Versa Gallery

    Rabbit Hole- 2222 2nd Ave #222
    Johnny Horn
    Titillating Twins
    Back Bar Beauties (
    James Apollo
    Kylie Kyote
    Artwork and live painting by Bingo

    Lava Lounge- 2226 2nd Ave
    Hank and Lily
    Back Bar Beauties (
    The Whiskey Swillers
    Empire Follies
    DJ Set by Zach Van Lue and Justin Roeser
    Artwork and live painting by Kevin Drake

    Bedlam- 2231 2nd Ave
    Smilin Scandinavians
    Kylie Kyote
    Brad Mariachi (
    Back Bar Beauties (
    Artwork and live painting by Starheadboy

    The Crocodile- 2200 2nd Ave
    Back Bar Beauties (
    Baby Gramps (
    Nu Klezmer Army (
    Jesse Belle Jones
    Shanghai Pearl (
    Audience Talent Competition
    Hank and Lily (
    Artwork and live painting by 179 (

2118 2nd Ave., Seattle, Washington 98121

W HOTELS Symmetry Live presents LP – Recap of the event

We’ve posted a W HOTELS Symmetry Live presents LP RECAP of the EVENT page CLICK HERE

We recently posted on Seattle Twist about an event, linked here, W HOTELS Symmetry Live presents LP, here at W SEATTLE, which happened on 5/10/12, and we extended the invitation to our readers to join us for an evening of complimentary cocktails while experiencing an intimate performance by LP, one of music’s hottest rising talents.

The event was a huge success, and we want to share some of the evening’s entertainment with you. I’ve posted videos of LP‘s set below, and also videos of interviews with LP, legendary rock and roll photographer, Mick Rock, and Michaelangelo L’Acqua, who serves as the Global Music Director for W Hotels Worldwide.

We asked author, Maria Dahvana Headley, to join us for the interviews posted in the videos below. Thank you very much, Maria!   – jd

Here is a sample video I took of LP‘s performance, the whole set is posted HERE!

LP performs Levitator at W HOTEL in Seattle 5/10/12

W HOTELS Symmetry Live presents LP – Recap of the event is HERE.