OBAMA Welcomes Seattle Art Fair visitors and collectors

From the collection of the Official Bad Art Museum of Art
From the collection of the Official Bad Art Museum of Art

Welcome Seattle Arts Fair visitors to the 

Official Bad Art Museum of Art!

OBAMA (Official Bad Art Museum of Art) is proud to welcome esteemed and learned art collectors from around the globe to view the most coveted collection of bad art West of the Mississippi. Located at the renowned Cafe Racer in Seattle’s Roosevelt district, this world-class museum welcomes the intrepid visitor and serious art collector alike.

Wrap yourself in the black velvet paintings of delight. Revel in the naughty nudes and delicious paint-by-numbers. Lose yourself in the big eyes of little puppies and small children, paintings that are so bad they are good!

New and experienced art aficionados will be drawn to these soulful paintings by naive and self-taught artists.

Come for the art, stay for the beer! OBAMA is located at Cafe Racer at 5828 Roosevelt WAY NE in Seattle, a full bar and restaurant open 9am to 2am every day!

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