Act Theater presents Interactive Art 7/21

Seattle Rep.Real Time Interactive

REAL TIME is the inaugural exhibit for ACT’s new series called ART at ACT, for which they will invite area artists to show work in a variety of art forms.

This first event features four Seattle artists, Scott Bennett, Marne Cohen-Vance, Laurie Le Clair and Jeff Scott, showing interactive Installation Art works. The works will be avialable for viewing by appointment after the opening reception, through February 19th. Please come to our reception – and bring friends! Admission is free and there will be vino and snacks.

There are so few places where artists can exhibit giant-sized installation projects. With the loss of Suyama Space, there are even fewer. Act Theater and the featured artists are hoping to jump-start ACT as a venue by hosting this big opening event on the 21st. The hope is it will be successful enough to convince ACT to keep doing it, providing a great exhibit space for artists who like to work big. Please show up and support their effort by being present!

Act Theater
700 Union Street
Seattle WA
Opening Thursday, January 21st, 2016 – 5 to 8pm

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