The Mercury 4 and the Evanstones at Cafe Racer 10/23

Mercury 4 at Cafe Racer

At long last! The Godzilla vs Kitten grudge match that no one’s been asking for!

The return of the mighty Mercury Four with special needs guests, The Evanstones! What better way to ring out the best summer of all time and welcome the ruined dystopian gulag that is Seattle winter, than to come out for one last pre-Halloween surfstraviganza! Big cash prizes will be accepted and full frotal nudity tolerated, as is the way of our people.

Possible side effects include: Penicillin resistant horseshoe crabs, unwanted tail growth, uncontrollable gyrations, mixed metaphors, “matador” syndrome, reddening of the elvis, unexpected dermal hydration, consumption of, or proximity to, alcoholic beverages may be an unexpected side benefit. Strange behaviours tolerated. Consult your physician or bass player.

7pm dinner and music starts at 8pm! The Evanstones opens, followed by the Mercury 4.

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