Comics NW Roots – Pecha Kucha Seattle

Pecha Kucha Seattle.Larry Reid.Janet Galore. Tatianna GillSeattle gave birth and momentum to the alternative comics movement in the 1970s when Lynda Barry, Charles Burns, and Matt Groening emerged from Evergreen State College. After leaving Evergreen, Barry, Burns, and Groening syndicated their work in alternative newspapers across the country—creating a nationwide awareness of a new, accessible aesthetic peculiar to the Northwest. This soon gave rise to a movement that still reverberates worldwide. Comics! Northwest Roots is an evening of vivid imagery and stories from veteran and emerging artists of the Northwest comics scene, recounting and celebrating this art form.

Wednesday, March 11th at 6pm at the Cornish Playhouse at the Seattle Center!

Presenters Include: Peter Bagge // Max Clotfelter // Tom Van Deusen // Ellen Forney // Eroyn Franklin // Kelly Froh // Tatiana Gill // David Lasky // Larry Reid // Gina Siciliano // Jim Woodring

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