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Support zoe | juniper’s newest groundbreaking performance work. BeginAgain. Help take their transcendent artistry to a whole new level.


2013 Princess Grace and Stranger Genius Awardee zoe | juniper is a dance and visual art company based in Seattle, WA co-directed by Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey. Since 2006 they have been creating awe inspiring performance and installation work nationally and internationally. The company’s work has been referred to as “Unsettling dance dreamscapes that make theaters feel like bottled lightning” by Brendan Kiley. Together they have created 3 evening length works and been commissioned and presented by The Joyce Theater, Jacob’s Pillow, NYLA, CalArts, Columbia College Chicago, PICA, Velocity Dance Center and On the Boards.


BeginAgain serves as a departure from past projects in an attempt to challenge our own assumptions about creation. In the past, we began by creating and setting choreography first and then creating production components: lighting, sound, video and costumes, in response to the movement. For BeginAgain we want to flip this process on its head. We want to see what happens when we start with the production design and then create the choreography in response to these design elements.

We wrapped up our first of three production residencies for BeginAgain in August. While in the theater at On the Boards, we played with some stunning set, video projection, sound and lighting design ideas. Being immersed in this sonic and visual world so early in the creative process allows us to respond and choreograph in completely new ways.

We are heading back into the studio to begin the intensive rehearsal phase and we need your support to take us through this next step. We need funding to pay the amazing collaborators who are embarking on this journey with us: dancer Ariel Freedman, apprentices Kim Lusk, Erin McCarthy and Coleman Pester and our brilliant design team. Your support ensures that these accomplished artists will all get paid fairly for their time and artistic contributions.

It is our goal to continue creating. We have so much to share and explore. Your support allows us the honor and privilege of continuing on this journey. We are excited to continue following our creative desires while challenging ourselves to create beyond the definitions of what our respective fields dictate.


SEATTLE: MARCH 27 – 30, 2014 | On the Boards
NEW YORK: MAY 8 – 10, 2014 | Co-presented by The Joyce & Three Legged Dog

More tour dates to be announced for the 2014-2015 Season!

All funds raised will go directly into production costs and towards paying the people who are making the magic happen. Dancing is hard work and we strongly value paying dancers for their time and energy. Technical Residencies are really fun, but they are also expensive.

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