The Adventures of Prince Achmed with a live soundtrack by Miles and Karina at the Royal Room Sunday Jan. 27th

miles and karina
Miles and Karina were commissioned by the Northwest Film Forum to compose an original score to this film for their Children’s Animated Film Festival in 2008, and here’s your opportunity to see the film and listen to Miles and Karina perform the score on the stage of the Royal Room. This one-time performance will be Sunday, January 27th at 7pm.

The Royal Room is located in Columbia City, and you can have dinner, bring your children and friends, and enjoy a nice meal while watching the film and listening to this incredible film score.

Miles and Karina have performed the score with the film in theaters and film festivals across the US and Canada including the 2009/2010 Woodford Folk Festival in Australia. They use a variety of instruments between the two of them: accordion, guitar, viola, banjo, glockenspiel, percussion, slide whistle and other gadgets.

When THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED premiered in Germany on September 23, 1926 it was hailed as the first full-length animated film — made by Lotte Reiniger using the silhouette technique she invented. Eighty-two years later, this enchanting film still stands as one of the great classics of animation — beautiful, mesmerizing and utterly seductive. Taken from The Arabian Nights, the film tells the story of a wicked sorcerer who tricks Prince Achmed into mounting a magical flying horse and sends the rider off on a flight to his death. But the prince foils the magician’s plan, and soars headlong into a series of wondrous adventures. Thrilling, sensuous and dazzling, Prince Achmed will enthrall children and film enthusiasts of all ages.


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