“Undo”, a new play by Seattle dramatist Holly Arsenault premieres this week at Annex Theater


“Undo,” is a play about a Jewish couple’s divorce ceremony, and it premieres at Annex Theatre on Capitol Hill Jan. 18.

Before you panic about this ceremony you’ve never heard of, that fiction is part of the charm of what could have been a sad tale of love-gone-wrong. The ritual of “undoing” the wedding does not exist, but to enter the theater has always been a journey of suspended belief, and this time is no different.

Holly Arsenault - Truman Buffett Photography
Holly Arsenault – Truman Buffett Photography

While the ceremony happens to be a Jewish ceremony, the couple’s religion is incidental. Holly liked the image of the shattered glass and has been able to work that imagery into the context of the play.

Funnier than you’d expect, full of obscure references that make one feel like an insider and a tasty peek into the funny/tragic family you never had, Undo is a smart mind game reminiscent of “drawing room theater” of yore.

Tickets still available online at the Annex Theater

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