The Oatmeal Dishes Out Some Lumps

Promo pic for a Matthew Inman appearance at the Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe, AZ.

Some dude at tech-punditry site put up a supposedly shocking exposé of local web comix king Matthew (The Oatmeal) Inman.

Inman responded with a blistering counter-attack, denying almost all of the Buzzfeed piece’s allegations.

Once you take out the allegations in the Buzzfeed story that are either exaggerated or based on a fake online profile made by somebody else, you’re left with the hardly reputation-killing facts that Inman: (1) is more handsome and more athletic than the alter-ego character in his strip, (2) recently ran a strip with an unfortunate rape joke (for which he’s apologized), and (3) once had a day job in “search engine optimization” (the pseudo-science of gaming Google’s page rankings). The Buzzfeed story claims Inman had been a king of “SEO” trickery; Inman says it had only been a brief, demeaning day job (albeit at a firm he’d co-founded), a job at which he says he wasn’t very good.


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