Real Reviews of Fake Art Shows

The Seven Seas Building when it housed the Lusty Lady peep show, 2003.
The Seven Seas Building when it housed the Lusty Lady peep show, 2003.

Greg Lundgren (the impresario behind Vito’s, the Hideout, Lundgren Monuments, and the old Vital 5 Gallery) has started his most ambitious project yet.

He wants to take over the Seven Seas Building on First Avenue, where the Lusty Lady peep show used to be. He wants to turn it into a multimedia arts center, to be called “Walden Three.” He wants to fund it all, in part, with a ten-year documentary film shoot about all the events the building would host.

In an essay for CityArts, Lundgren estimates it would “only” cost $15 million to fund the film and all the building’s activities, and to do it all as a for-profit venture. And he describes the center’s mission as nothing less than an entire cultural renaissance for the city.

Walden Three now has a blog. In it, Lundgren spins completely fictional stories about fabulous exhibits and shows that would be occurring there if it were operating now.

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