Don’t Stop the (Progressive) Talk

KPTK-AM, aka “Seattle’s Progressive Talk AM 1090,” goes off the air the day after New Year’s.

For more than eight years KPTK has provided an oasis of sanity in a commercial talk airspace dominated by the rabid right. Over the years it brought Al Franken, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, and other powerful wits to local airwaves. While it had no local hosts (save for Ron Reagan’s former Seattle-based syndicated show), it had a regular on-air calendar of political events.

The station’s impending demise is not due to any specific lack of ratings or popularity, but simply to corporate priorities. The station’s owned by the CBS Radio Stations Group. CBS has its own sports talk network in the works, and is “flipping” many of its AM outlets to make room for it.

There’s a “Save Progressive Talk” page on Facebook. And there’s an online petition to try to persuade CBS to keep the progressive-talk format on the air.

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