Thunderbitch: Women Designers in Northwest Rock 1966-2010

We at Seattle Twist support Thunderbitch, a very cool project our friend Daniel R. Smith is putting together. Support Thunderbitch if you can, and you’ll get the exhibit catalog and have fun at the associated events, and get to see me there having fun too. Can’t go wrong! Just announced a super live music lineup for the opening, Aug. 5th. How about a set by VISQUEEN (7pm), plus BARBARA IRELAND + STONE GOSSARD (6pm) PLUS show by DAMIEN JURADO (8pm) to celebrate his new album St. Barlett…? Not to mention an appearance by the PISTON PACKIN’ MAMAS, Seattle’s all-girl vintage car & motorcycle club.


Thunderbitch: Women Designers in Northwest Rock 1966–2010 

From DIY Xerox flyers for bands you’ve never heard of to big budget rock albums that sold in the millions, women designers have shaped the visual identity of music in the Pacific Northwest since at least the late 1960s. Some never considered themselves designers, simply making Xerox posters out of necessity to promote their bands. Some are artists and illustrators synonymous with various music genres and some are career graphic designers. Thunderbitch is the first attempt to document these women artists and their work. Taking its name from a pseudonym for Catherine Weinstein, an early rock poster maker in Portland, this exhibit spans the emergence of psychedelic rock, DIY punk and new wave, grunge, riot grrl and today’s contemporary silkscreen gig poster movement from Washington and Oregon.

The Exhibit Catalog 
With so many previously undocumented Northwest posters, flyers, etc. in this exhibit, I want to share the full-color images, plus some of the unexpected stories gathered along the way. Like the life story of Catherine Weinstein, who raced cars in Portland in the ’60s, created psychedelic posters and in 1984 was convicted of attempted manslaughter. Like Seattle’s Judith Bissell, member of the Weather Underground who spent time in federal prison for two attempted bombings, and who created a precursor to feminist riot girl fanzines. And Kim Kalliber, founding member of the Piston Packin’ Mammas, Seattle’s all-girl, vintage car and motorcycle club, who designs rock posters and pinstripes hotrods.

Tether ( has generously provided graphic design support for Thunderbitch, including the exhibit catalog. Mohawk Paper ( has donated paper to print it on. Seattle’s woman-owned print shop, Girlie Press, has offered a deep discount on printing the 40 page, 7.5 x 9.75″, full-color catalog. All I have to do now is cover the remaining hard costs, $4,000 for the printing. Donate $20 or more and receive a copy! Or donate more and get great stuff, including recognition in print.

See the Exhibit 
The exhibit runs August 5th – 28th, 2010, at Tether Design Gallery, 323 Occidental Ave South, Seattle, 98104.

Exhibiting Designers 
Lynda Barry, Judith Bissell, Deborah Brown, Rachel Carns, Neko Case, Chelsea Conboy, Cindy Crangle, Shari Critchley, Louise Crowley, Katha Dalton, Dotty DeCoster, Ellen Forney, Candy Fowler, Sharon Gannon, Marianne Goldin, Kathleen Hanna, Chanda Helzer, Jane Higgins, Lucy Huntzinger, Barbara Ireland, Kim Kalliber, Eva Lake, Molly Neuman, Lisa Orth, Tammy Packs, Gina Papen, Cielito Pascual, Emily Pothast, Robynne Raye, Mary Rivard, Helena Rogers, Rachel da Silva, Helene Silverman, Clara Sims-Mulligan, Heidi Snellman, Dana Squires, Kim Stringfellow, Ashleigh Talbot, Tobi Vail, Jeanne Wasserman, Joanna Wecht, Catherine Weinstein (aka Hedda Goldspace, aka Thunderbitch), Alice Wheeler, Bon Von Wheelie, Allison Wolfe

Please read more about Thunderbitch here.

Object sculpture by Kim Kalliber of The Piston Packin’ Mamas.

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    My name is also on that list, and I have no idea what this is about.
    Can you contact me also, and let me know. I don’t think I was ever contacted about this. Just want to be informed if included.
    Allison Wolfe

  2. Hi, my name is on this, but I don’t know anything about this project. Can the organizer please contact me? Thanks! Tobi Vail

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