Sunday Alternative Holiday Shopping

This Sunday offers some fine one-day shopping opportunities for those on your lists with tastes toward the “alternative.” Club Motor (SoDo) hosts the gothy “Mourning Market” from noon to 6pm, and the Transcendent Church of Bass (Interbay) hosts the “Bizarre Bazaar” from 3pm to 7pm. Both are free to attend and feature a good selection of local alternative artists and craft people.

Mourning Market 12/13/2009

“It all began at Crypticon ’09… A group of us sinister crafters had crossed paths before but had not yet been contained in one room. So at the end of three days filled with horror and zombie filled goodness, we said goodbye until next time. But when will that be I wonder? Portland’s community had many events for us to sell our wares. But we all call Seattle our home, so why is it all business and no fun?! Miss Ginger called on the ladies to attend Dark Tea where we plotted and schemed… Mourning Market was born!”


“The Bizarre Bazaar is a community-supporting Alternative Market and Visionary Art Opening, featuring a variety of distinctive products created by local artists. We are turning the Transcendent Church of Bass into a market and filling it with art, crafts, clothing, and other epic loot. The Elixir bar will be open during the event, and downtempo DJ’s will add to the vibe. Please mark your calendars – it is free to attend, and everyone is welcome. It is a great opportunity for us to gather, connect, and support our artists by buying their creations so that they can continue to create art that is even more amazing.”

Web Sites & Directions:
Mourning Market – Club Motor, 1950 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA?
The Bizarre Bazaar – Transcendent Church of Bass, 920 Elliott Ave W., Seattle, WA 98119

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