Epistemology of Karaoke with Eric Fredericksen


In epistemology the kind of knowledge usually discussed is propositional knowledge, also known as “knowledge-that” as opposed to “knowledge-how.”

In this special event at On The Boards, explore both kinds of karaoke knowledge and join arts impresario Eric Fredericksen (Western Bridge curator and karaoke expert) as he hosts this party while delivering a lecture on karaoke, the culture industry, and communal popular culture.

Drinks (Thank God!) at 7:30 pm, show and lecture starts at 8:00pm. Come prepared to perform and be sure to pick out your song ahead of time. Buy your tickets for this event and a similar event in March.

Epistemology is concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge and belief. Just because you believe you can sing, doesn’t mean you can! Be sure to attend this lecture, party and demo to brush up on your karaoke skills.

(Eric regales the crowd at the On The Boards 30th anniversary party)

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