Conflux – NW Dark Arts Festival (Portland)

Down in PDX this weekend, the Bossanova Ballroom will be hosting the Conflux NW Dark Arts Festival, which will include live music, a gothic fashion show, dark painting and sculpture, performance artists, workshops and a “private, musical seance.”

The mission of the event is “To engage the eyes, minds, and bodies, of all the artistically inclined through dark fashion, dance, and music.”  Musical artists include spooky, neo-cabaret performer Jill Tracy (a personal favorite), Wauna Washington’s own Charlie Drown, Coventry’s Attrition, The Red King,  Paul Mercer, Serpentine, Azphodel, Adrian H and the Wounds, Ivy Covered Walls, Amoree Lovell, James D. Stark, Black Cat Cabaret, and  Stitches.

Tickets and details:

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