Cathy Sorbo says: I never met a Penis I didn’t like!

Puppetry of the Penis

After two spectacular Seattle engagements, PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS returns to wet and woody Seattle. And this time, Writer/Comedian Cathy Sorbo is on hand to whip the audience into a hysterical frenzy before this “Powerful Pair of Penises” makes their highly anticipated entrance. PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS (POP) settles into their new home at ACT Theatre from April 29th – May 4th. Cathy comments, “I first met the boys a few years back and I can’t wait to see them again. I’ll bet they’ve ‘eh hem’ grown a lot since then. I wonder if I’ll recognize them?”

Make no mistake, there are no sock puppets in this show! This eye POP-ing show is exactly what it pretends to be; two naked penis puppeteers on stage presenting the ancient Australian art of genital origami with an astounding series of penis installations.

Puppetry of the Penis, oh my!

Requiring astonishing stamina, an unbelievable stretch factor and an amazing level of testicular fortitude, PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS leaves women and men gasping with more than 40 heroic and hilarious penis installations including The Pelican, The Windsurfer, The Eiffel Tower, Loch Ness Monster, and the signature installation, The Hamburger. POP has made countless celebrity’s eyes ‘pop’: Hugh Grant, Naomi Campbell, Posh Spice, Bono and Elton John to name a few. Join this star-studded list of POP supporters and see for yourself. PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS is a non-sexual adult show.


Show and ticket information can be found at:

Box office phone: (12-7pm, closed mon.): 206-292-7676

Group Sales: (253) 839-4204

For more information visit:  

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2 thoughts on “Cathy Sorbo says: I never met a Penis I didn’t like!

  1. wow, sounds like it would be a blast to watch. Definitely wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the cute guy smiling

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