Kelly’s Write-up of Art Basel Miami (artfairs)

So who’s coming with me this year? It’s August, and I’m already planning my annual pilgrimage in December to the art Disneyland that is ART BASEL MIAMI (the Huffington post referred to it as the Art world’s Spring BreaK. Apt). I’ve been the last 6 years & wouldn’t miss it, I’m in “hog heaven” surrounded by art at every junction, throw in perfect weather, beautiful people from all over the world, creative installations, performance art, parties day and night, all that incredible art deco architecture and saturated color (sorely lacking in Seattle). Even the dog-tired long moonlit walk back to our hotels, strolling in the sand is magical. Walking home on the charming ‘Espanola way’ (a small street for pedestrian strolling, twinkling lights and cafes) a bicyclist passed me, his basket filled with Lemurs. My fave German couple in their matching outfits were there again, as always…

You cannot possibly see all the art in Miami and Miami Beach in the 4 or 5 days allotted to the Fairs (technically it’s Thursday-Sunday, but press parties and openings are happening in advance Tuesday and Wednesday as well). Art Basel Miami is the “big enchilada” and biggest draw, roughly 300 galleries and booths, some of which are designated for emerging galleries or hand-chosen installation artists. Many of the Blue Chip dealers from all over the globe inhabit the spaces, many of whom spend a quarter million dollars to exhibit here. So there’s artists you’ve only read about, and 20th century Masterworks commanding equally masterful price-tags (in many cases, not listed. Guess if you have to ask you can’t afford it? And forget red dots, marking things as sold is so déclassé).
I’m clearly a tourist in that world of high finance, but it’s a helluva lot of fun visiting (and celebrities galore in attendance: Lionel & Nichole Richie, Steven Tyler, Kevin Spacey, Pharrell Williams, Diddy, Leonardo Di Caprio, Zoe Saldana, Gabrielle Union, Martha Stewart, Paris Hilton, Diddy, Kim & Kanye always seem to be regulars, David Arquette, Cindy Crawford, Marc Anthony, Eva Longoria, Elle Mcpherson, Rose Mcgowan, etc. Is there anyone left at home in Hollywood?). And of course lots of European and Middle East royalty, too.
But in addition to the tried and true of the established galleries, it’s a great place to spot trends, and my favourite work of all 5 days (wherein one sees literally hundreds of thousands of pieces of art) was at ABM. That was a Chinese installation by Wang Yuyang that we were all calling ‘The Breathing room’, tho in reality might have been entitled THE OFFICE. And easily dismissed if just walking by in the sensory overload that is that art-filled convention center.
This was a small, run-down and cramped office in a back corner in the ‘Positions’ sector, the usual frosted glass in front, desks with fax machines, phones, staplers, stacks of correspondence, file cabinets, the computers, the mouse; the usual debris & ephemera of a working cubicle. Only, when looking closely and quietly, EVERY SINGLE OBJECT “breathed” softly: in – out – in – out – in- out. Subtle, creepy, powerful and incredibly well done, each piece cast in silicone and motorized, echoing the absent lifeforce of the unseen workers.



Something else I liked a lot was a giant snow globe, but it was pumping out flecks of gold, not snow, by Israeli artist Nir Hod (who immediately sold 2, at $250,000 apiece).

Another of my favourites was a space from Lima, Revolver Galeria. Each of the artists had wonderful work. The central piece was by Jose Carlos Martinat, ISLA, consisting of 2 artificial palm trees. Hidden in the leaves was a printer spitting out political updates about the U.S relationships with Puerto Rico and Cuba. All of these small sheets floated down to form the sandy island surround. Another of them (was it Giancarlo Scaglia?) did gorgeous large scale dark oil landscapes centered around a Peruvian Prison Island, now long abandoned. Nightime portraits of the ocean, and rotting timbers of the prison in the sandy tropical terrain. Jerry Martin rendered what appeared to be beautiful, if subtle huge portraits of trees. Only looking closer was it obvious all the bark was made from words, telling stories of the island.


And that brings to mind one of the trends I saw at all the venues seemed to be text. Every fair featured multiple artists using words in both 2-D & 3D work. Words were featured in Neon, in Drawings, in sculptures, embroidery, collage, you name it. Since I’ve used text in my own work for 20 years this is one I embrace.




There was quite a few wonderful drawings and paintings, as a painter and drawing instructor I appreciated seeing such quality flat work again. A strong series was at Context, I think (or was it Art Miami?), intricate sketches of tattooed prison immates. A lot of art all over seemed to feature ethnicity, lots of ‘statement’ art about tough guys, but a primarily caucasian wealthy crowd buying it. White guilt?

KIN LIV, Frankinsense and Myrrh (by Whitfield Lovell)


DEADLY FRIENDS (by Patrick Lee)


SLANDER (by Richard Stipl)

PURE LARD (by Vanesa German)

WHITEWASH (by Titus Kaphar)

Another popular direction seemed to be Resins and acrylic sculptures, those were big in my college days of the 70′s, so a fun retro concept with updated twists. Mocking self-irony has always been big here.

2 pieces by the same artist (Desire Obtain Cherish):
“It’s Not Art Till The Check Clears.” (above) & “Intensive Care Units” (below) made of gold and plexiglass. Zoom in to see the designer names.

Collage was omni-present, too, and tapestry and quilting, a trend we’ve seen here in Seattle for a while between Luke & Joey’s quilts, and Robert Hardgrave’s new stitched pieces and costuming, and the last 10 years of needlepointed and embroidered additions to “women’s work” of hankies, doilies and table cloths.

STERLING RUBY, SOFT WORK (by Xavier Hufkens)

MADONNA (by Joe Brainard, 1966)

Speaking of gender stereotypes, there were fewer penises and guns everywhere than in year past (yay!), though now some glittery vaginas. Parity? Scarcely, since these were in conjunction with high-heels, so not exactly “girl power”, but at least a slight shift towards equal opportunity.

There are multiple fairs set up in the area, both Miami and Miami Beach, to capitalize on the huge crowds (at least 60,000 collectors, artists and appreciators descend from all over the globe. It’s far more multi-cultural than any other fair I’ve ever attended). This year, several of the fairs are moving from Miami proper down to South Beach, making it easier to get to more of them, as they are spread out across the 2 cities (with a large body of water in between). However, the transit systems are great, lots of shuttles run by the largest of the fairs, & decent public transportation running all night, as well as strangers sharing cabs together since we all have the same destinations. In one van last year there were 7 countries represented in the 8 seats.

Each of those artfairs has a different flavour, & we all have our favourites. Mine -besides the glory of ArtBasel Miami itself- is consistently SCOPE (now on the Beachfront). To me it has high quality work but a little more humour/clever bent. Maybe a “pop” art bias, for lack of better description, There always seem to be lots of West Coast galleries there, or that’s the feel. This year it had one of my other favourite artists of the entire week, Jeremiah Johnson of Pennsylvania. I found his work ingenious: he made paper houses, each unique, modeled after the repossessed homes in his neighborhood. The material he uses is credit card offers, collected since the Housing crisis of 2007. Houses in general seemed to be another trend, structures made from glass, from salt, from wood, from paper. But these stood out.
A few booths over I loved the Basenji sculptures, little canine terrariums, can’t find images of them on the web, but tiny dogs as landscapes. Seemed to be a lot of animal art again.


There’s a great panoramic 3D tour, but takes a while to go through all the aisles (& clearly shot in the set-up phase, since no crowds):

Other fairs that I thought were strong were CONTEXT, a relatively new one, I’d describe it as smart & classy, for a way to compartmentalize them in my own mind (it does become a blur, so forgive my mental shortcuts). It’s the “sister fair” to Art Miami, & featured 70 galleries w/ mid-career artists.
AQUA is consistently good, and not just because it was started and run by Seattleites Jaq & Dirk up until 2013. It has the best “vibe”, every night’s a party around the wading pool. It’s in a vintage motel, complete with open-air courtyard (oh, did I mention many of these fairs have booze sponsors? So that adds to the convivial atmosphere and undoubtedly boosts sales, too). There’s about 45 galleries each set up in a room, from all over the US (and International, but primarily North America).

INK is a really sweet little gem, right in the heart down on 18th & Collins ave in the beautiful Dorchester Suites. It’s all devoted to prints and works on paper, 15 or so upscale galleries, a quiet, more respectful setting tucked away under the palms.

In Miami proper there’s an area in Wynwood where multiple fairs set up next to each other and nearby, in enormous white tents that can hold thousands of people, Art Miami (another consistently good one) is one of those. Another I really liked this year was the MIAMI PROJECT, Greg Kucera was there this year, in departure from the last few years where he was tied in to Art Miami. Our own Paul Rucker was part of a strong gallery at MP, too, and in the evenings Paul was also performing Cello & poetry in South Beach, outside of one of the hotels, which are always HOPPING at night. Lively social scene, I’d guess as much networking is done in the bars at all those Art Deco nightclubs and bars as takes place inside the Artfair walls.
In that area I’ve learned to skip RED DOT, just feels a little more amateurish, and with so much ground to cover it’s an easy sacrifice. I wish I had skipped SPECTRUM, it was gruesomely bad: lots of naked girls in martini glasses and badly rendered prowling tigers, and what a friend of mine aptly described as “nail polish paintings”.
Not too far away was another new one, ART BRASIL. It was small, some pleasant work, woefully under-attendended, or at least when I was there seemed undeservedly empty that evening.
PARA VOCE VER MELHOR (“for you to see better”) by Nazareno

The 2 of note which are off on their own are PULSE, a consistently strong fair in Miami proper, with more East Coast/European vibe to me (again, my mental shorthand way to separate them all). It feels sophisticated, but hip, plus has hammocks in the yard, a grassy lawn & Perrier sponsorship so a nice oasis to the heat, hustle and bustle. In 2014 they are moving to South Beach, which will be a nice change having even more of the fairs grouped and walkable.

NADA is the furthest up in North Miami Beach, and never one of my favourites, too abstract/conceptual, the “I don’t get it” school of art (eg, that fishing lure dangling on a canvas for thousands of $). But I still want to see it every year although I find it almost painful (brings out my “a 2 year old could paint that” boorish, cranky side), and amongst some of my very knowledgeable friends it’s their top choice. It does have a completely different feel than the others, and variety is the spice of life. I just wish I had someone explaining the work to me as I run through in 15 minutes: “what makes those 6 unadorned rocks on that piece of red carpet valuable?” Enquiring minds want to know…

images copy
And then there’s all the events! The block parties, the fantastic Wynwood walls scene (the graffiti neighborhood, you can literally smell the aerosols. But incredible art all over, by Internationally known young artists, and SUCH a loud, young party scene that goes all night). The Museums all have events (don’t miss the lovely small Wolfsonian in South Beach), there’s receptions at the private collections, each fair has a VIP evening or brunch, it’s pretty non-stop and overwhelming but I love every minute. Yes, I spend a LOT of time trying to find accommodation deals (they do jack up the prices everywhere for that week), that’s why I’m starting early. Airfares might be cheaper flying into Ft. Lauderdale. The Dade county bus system is wonderful, and all the free shuttles, plus the Tri-rail trains, there’s no need for a rental car (and with the inflated parking lot prices and meters on the street active until midnight, why bother?).
So I repeat: “who’s coming with me?”.

Here’s links to 2014 listings:

Miami Beach Art Fairs
Art Basel Miami Beach | Aqua Art Miami | Design Miami | Ink Miami | NADA Art Fair
New Material Art Fair | PULSE Miami | SELECT Fair | Scope Miami | Untitled.

Miami Art Fairs
Art Miami | Art Spot | Concept-Fair | CONTEXT | Fridge Art Fair | Miami Project | Miami River Art Fair | Red Dot Art Fair | Spectrum

Private Art Collections, Art Centers and Art Museums
Bakehouse Art Complex
561 NW 32nd Street, Miami, FL 33127, (305) 576-2828

Bass Museum of Art
2100 Collins Avenue (between 21st & 22nd), Miami Beach, FL (305) 673-7530

CIFO Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation
1018 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33136, (305) 455-3380

de la Cruz Collection / Contemporary Art Space
23 NE 41ST Street, Miami, FL 33137, (305) 576-6112

Lowe Art Museum
1301 Stanford Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33124, (305) 284-3535

Margulies Collection at the Warehouse
591 NW 27th Street, Miami, FL 33127, (305) 576-1051

MDC Museum of Art + Design
300 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33132, (305) 237-7700

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum
Florida International University, 10975 SW 17th ST, Miami, FL 33199, (305) 348-2890

Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)
1103 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33132, (305) 375-3000
Calendar/Website for details.

Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami
770 NE 125th Street, North Miami, FL 33161, (305) 893-6211

Rubell Family Collection / Contemporary Arts Foundation
95 NW 29th Street, Miami, FL 33127, (305) 573-6090

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
33251 South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33129, (305) 250-9133
A great place to get outside and enjoy the Florida weather.

The Wolfsonian
Florida International University, 1001 Washington AVE, Miami Beach, FL 33139, (305) 531-1001

Here are some further articles on the Fairs that I enjoyed, from disparate points of view. These are just quick random selections, I’m guessing there are literally MILLIONS of articles about it if you want to do some research…

Kelly Lyles
(206) 937-2058

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Jini Dellaccio memorial exhibition at Bumbershoot Arts Festival

© Jini Dellaccio Collection. All rights reserved.
© Jini Dellaccio Collection. All rights reserved.

If you attend this weekend’s Bumbershoot Arts Festival in Seattle, be sure to visit the exhibition Jini Dellaccio: January 31, 1917 – July 3, 2014 curated by Chuck Pennington and Larry Reid. This show celebrates the life, career and art of Jini Dellaccio, an American photographer best known for her 1960s images of Northwest rock and roll acts including The Sonics, The Wailers, Merrilee Rush, The Daily Flash and many others. This special tribute show celebrates the diverse subjects of Dellaccio’s lens over her storied career. Friday afternoon offers free viewing of art exhibits. The festival this year features music by the Replacements, Mission of Burma, Negativeland, Dream Syndicate, Afghan Whigs, Foster the People, and more.
© Jini Dellaccio Collection. All rights reserved.
© Jini Dellaccio Collection. All rights reserved.

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Luau Party August 23rd at the Royal Room in Columbia City in Seattle

Pig Roast and music by Lushy, the Ukadelics, Banzai Surf and the Splashdowns.
Pig Roast and music by Lushy, the Ukadelics, Banzai Surf and the Splashdowns.

A real roast suckling pig and other Polynesian treats at the first annual Luau Party at the Royal Room! Great food and great music by The Splash Downs, Banzai Surf, Lushy and the Ukadelics!

Enjoy a pig roast buffet starting at 6pm. Music starts at 7:30pm. Spend the evening enjoying the Aloha spirit with your friends and those friends you haven’t met yet, eating great food, sipping an exotic cocktail or microbrew and listening to great music. Under 21 welcome until 10pm. Watch out for the Spam surprise!

The Royal Room is located at 5000 Rainier Ave. S. in Columbia City in Seattle


6:00 pm Kahlua Pig Buffet
7:30 The Ukadelics
8:50 Lushy
10:15 Banzai Surf
11:30 The Splashdowns

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Gigantor and Lushy play a double-bill at the Triple Door Saturday August 16th

Lushy and Gigantor

GIGANTOR! plays a killer double bill this Saturday with those swanky booze hounds…LUSHY.

8/16 Musiquarium at The Triple Door. 9-12am. NO COVER! Dig the scene, kiddos!

The Triple Door is at 216 E. Union Street in downtown Seattle. Plenty of parking around there, my friend.

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OK Stupid – A live comedy show about dating at the Rendezvous Friday August 22nd

Ok Stupid

OkStupid is a live comedy show about online dating, starring Patrick Higgins and featuring three guests critiquing some OkCupid profiles.

Hosted by Patrick Higgins, the winner of the 2012 Tri-City Joke Off, this east coast transplant has performed all along the west coast including Portland, LA, Tacoma, Seattle and in between. Visit him online,

Guests include:

Comedian Tyler Smith… Host of YouTube’s marijuana cooking show Somethings Burning, Tyler Smith has performed his hilarious comedy across the country and beyond. Follow him on Twitter.

Entertainer Honey Bucket… A staple in the Seattle drag scene, her CD “American Ho” was critically praised. Visit her online,

Stylish real estate gal and all-around busy body Marlow Harris rounds out this evening of laughs (

This event is Friday, August 22nd 6:30 to 8:30 at the Rendezvous, located at 2322 2nd Avenue in Belltown. Tickets $10

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Monty Banks Saturday at the Sorrento Hotel

Monty Banks Seattle and New Orleans Pianist

Seattle pianist and crooner extraordinaire Monty Banks is back in town this summer for a number of exclusive engagements, which this Saturday includes a special set in the historic Fireside Room at the Sorrento Hotel.

Banks, whose regular gigs have included Vito’s, the Dinette, the Century Ballroom and the Baltic Room, now lives in New Orleans as a musician but returns to his hometown every summer. The gig at the Sorrento came about when he needed a place to stay earlier this summer. “I was running around doing a series of gigs in June, at the Space Needle and elsewhere, and took a room at the Sorrento for its location,” he says. “That night the great Overton Berry was in the Fireside Room, and I found the atmosphere and the staff were so incredible and one-of-a-kind that I couldn’t believe I had a chance to play there. I felt like I’d won a lottery.”

Banks, who often plays with other local jazz musicians, will be demonstrating his full range of New Orleans piano style in a solo set that also will feature the classic crooning styles Banks picked up during his years in Vegas.

The show, which represents a great way to class up your evening over dinner or drinks, is no cover.

Who: Monty Banks

What: New Orleans-style piano and classic crooning

Where: The Fireside Room at the Sorrento Hotel,

When: Saturday July 26th, 8:00-11:00 pm

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Art Attacks Georgetown This Saturday

Beginning in 2008, the Georgetown Merchants Association commissioned graphic artist Tim Silbaugh to design posters for the Georgetown Art Attack. Working with Fantagraphics curator and GMA president Larry Reid, Silbaugh’s monthly motifs convey something about the distinctive character and colorful culture of the historic Georgetown industrial arts corridor.

Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery will host an exhibition of the posters next door at All City Coffee opening Saturday, July 12 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. The digital composite prints on archival stock are available in a signed, limited edition. Prints can be purchased at Fantagraphics Bookstore for the modest price of $25. The exhibition continues through September 9, 2014.

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Artist Rebecca Pinecones debuts solo show for the Greenwood Phinney Art Walk Friday July 11th

Rebecca Pinecones, Rebecca Platter

Says Rebecca: “Multiple headed women represent the many faces that we all are required to show the world & how sometimes they don’t match up. This conflict is my art.”

See her work on July 11th from 6 to 9pm at the Seattle School of Rock, which is a beautiful venue and hanging out there will be a Friday night plan that you can look forward to.

There will be live music, free snacks, beer, wine and soft drinks and hopefully YOU!

Ms. Pinecones and her amazing art would LOVE it if you came and had some fun while meeting some new friends and other art lovers.

Life is short and you never know, this Friday night Art walk could change the entire direction of your life, you could meet your soulmate, but no matter what, you will see some kick ass art while enjoying some free food and beverages. And there are over 80 participants in the Greenwood Art Walk so there are plenty of fun places to explore. This could quite possibly, the best night of your life.

School of Rock is located behind the Bartells on 85th, just West of Greenwood Ave. N. at 106 N 85th St, Seattle, WA 98103

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Cynic in Seattle

Experimental rock band Cynic appears for a rare Northwest concert this Tuesday, July 8 at Neumos. The Los Angeles-based group will perform songs from their highly acclaimed recent release “Kindly Bent to Free Us” on Season of Mist records.

Combining elements of metal, jazz, prog, and punk, Cynic has defied simple categorization since their first recordings were released over 20 years ago. The new album is by turns forceful and meditative, infused with a sense of informal sophistication. Each piece is highly composed yet structured in a manner that allows for the kind of improvisation that should make their live performance memorable.

Two members of the band, Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert, recently came out as gay in a Los Angeles Times feature story. Masvidal recalls an early 90s tour with Cannibal Corpse where they were concerned for their personal safety at the hands of notoriously intolerant metal heads. The atmosphere has surely changed. In a city that only last week celebrated diverse sexuality, Cynic is likely to find an eager audience for their unique brand of progressive metal. Opening acts Lesser Key (feat. Paul D’Amour of TOOL) and We Are the City. 21+.

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4th of July celebration on Capitol Hill – Free hot dogs, live music and root beer garden!

4th of July, Cal Anderson.Seattle
2014 4th of July Party Cal Anderson Park, 4th of July in Seattle

The Cal Anderson Park Alliance is proud to bring you the 12th Annual Independence Day Picnic on July 4th. This event is completely free and their gift to the community.
Featured throughout the day:

Free Live Music!

Noon: The Not-Its!
1:20pm: Vaudeville Etiquette
2:55pm: Chaotic Noise Marching Corps
3:50pm: McTuff


Root beer floats

Arts & crafts projects for kids of all ages
Pet-Human look-alike contest
the High 5 Pie Eating Contest
Root beer garden
Drawings for prizes
Activities presented by local community groups
And more!


Thank you to our sponsors for this event:
The Capitol Hill Block Party
Mobile Food Rodeo
Sound Transit
Hunters Capital
Enslow Martin PLLC
Jonathan Rose Companies

Here’s a video from 2013:

Thank you also to these supporters of the picnic:
Blue Moon Burgers HQ
Recology CleanScapes
Perfect Copy & Print
zpizza Seattle – Cap Hill

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Lushy at the Swedish Club for the 4th of July


What a better place to watch the Fourth of July fireworks over Lake Union than the Swedish Club? Smokin’ Pete will be bringing their smoker and serving up some delicious barbecued pulled pork, chicken thighs, hamburgers, hotdogs, Western baked beans, coleslaw, and corn on the cob. Lushy is ready to rock the house, so bring your dancin’ shoes! Free parking and a ‘Wait for Traffic’ dessert as well. Could it get any better?

RSVP early for a better seat. Prepaid reservations required, prices are as follows:

Dinner & Outside Seating for Fireworks: Members – $40, Non-members – $50, Kids 2-12 – $25
Dinner & Inside Seating for Fireworks: Members – $35, Non-members – $45, Kids 2-12 – $18

Tickets available online at Brown Paper Tickets

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Exotica Night at Cafe Racer July 2nd


Celebrate music inspired by exotic tropical destinations and tiki bars by Seattle’s own Spyrographs!

Tunes from Martin Denny, Les Baxter, Arthur Lyman, Yma Sumac and more, Wednesday evening 8pm to 11pm at Cafe Racer, 5828 Roosevelt Way NE in Seattle.

Enjoy tonight’s warm up before their big show July 12 at Tiki Kon in Vancouver/Portland on July 12th.

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Art Cars at the Fremont Solstice Festival this weekend!


As in years past, art cars from all over the U.S. will be visiting Seattle and bringing their art cars for display for the Seattle Art Car Blow Out. The art car exhibit takes place at the Fremont Street Fair where the cars will be on display, and many of the car-tists will be answering questions, from the new location along the Ship Canal – on Burke Mill Road – between Phinney Avenue N and Evanston Avenue N.

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Honk Fest this weekend in Seattle!

Come HONK in Seattle at the 7th Annual Honk Fest West, June 19th-22nd, 2014.

Honk Fest West is free and family-friendly and audience participation and fun, brightly colored costumes are highly encouraged!

HONK! festivals are a different sort of music festival. These festivals are part of a global renaissance – a community street band culture- that provides music for the people, by the people. HONK! Fest West’s mission is to celebrate community music in the public spaces of Seattle with free fanfare performances representing diverse musical influences. All acoustic, mobile bands that make a ruckus are included, from marching bands, to drum corps and samba lines. They revel in the celebration of street band culture by taking joy and music to the streets and parks of Seattle.

Love Bomb a GOGO

Watch what HONK! is about HERE.

This is the 7th year of HONK! Fest West, and they are pleased to announce it will be their biggest year yet, presenting you with 29 bands from all over North America to fill Seattle’s streets and parks with music.

HONK! Fest West 2014 Event Schedule:

THURSDAY, JUNE 19TH – (21+) Join the bands for a special event, REVENGE OF THE BAND NERDS, their third annual kick-off benefit for traveling HONK musicians! This event will be hosted at Nectar Lounge, 7pm Show, $8 advance tickets/ $10 Door. Check out the event here.

FRIDAY, JUNE 20TH – The official start of HONK! Fest West! We return to the corner of Vale and Airport Way in Georgetown from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. Music continues inside The Mix (21+) until 1am.

SATURDAY, JUNE 21ST – HONK! Fest West is excited to continue their partnership with the 26th Annual Fremont Solstice Parade! HONK! Bands will be featured in the Fremont Solstice Parade, before traveling to Gas Works Park for an afternoon of musical revelry. The Parade starts at 3pm, and we’ll be in Gas Works from 4-9pm.

The bands will finish out the night at Hale’s Palladium (21+) Doors at 8:30, Show 9pm-12am. There will be a small admission fee for this event (TBA)

SUNDAY, JUNE 22ND – HONK! Fest West will present an All-Band Revue, 12-5pm at Seattle’s Waterfront Park on the foreground of The Seattle Great Wheel! (1301 Alaskan Way, 98101) This event will be in partnership with the Kirkland Arts Foundation’s Waterfront Arts Market.

Any one left standing is invited to Studio 7 for the Official HONK! Fest West Wrap Party! Doors at 6:30, Show at 7pm – ALL AGES!

Fighting Instruments of Karma Marching Chamber Band Orchestra

Welcome our 2014 HONK! Fest West Bands:

What Cheer Brigade – Providence, RI
Environmental Encroachment – Chicago, IL
Dead Music Capital Band – Austin, TX
Loyd Family Players – Bay Area
Yes Ma’am Brass Band – Austin, TX
LoveBomb GoGo – Portland, OR
Chaotic Noise Marching Corps – Seattle, WA
Brass Band Mission – San Francisco, CA
Gora Gora Orkestar – Boulder ,CO
Fighting Instruments of Karma Marching Chamber Band/Orchestra – Pacific Northwest
Orkestar Zirkonium – Seattle, WA
Seahawks Blue Thunder – Seattle, WA
Sounders FC Soundwave Band – Seattle, WA
d20 Brass Band – Seattle, WA
Seed and Feed Marching Abominable – Atlanta, GA
Scrambled Ape – Eugene, OR
Vamola – Seattle, WA
Black Sheep Brass Band – Sonoma County, CA
The m9 – Seattle, WA
Carnival Band – Vancouver, BC
Bridgetown Brass – Portland, OR
SambAmore – Arcata, CA
Passion Bucket – Fresno, CA
Samba Ja – Eugene, OR
Artesian Rumble – Olympia, WA
Garfield High School Drumline – Seattle, WA
Ten Man Brass Band – Seattle, WA
One Love – Seattle, WA
Movitas -Seattle, WA

Chaotic Noise Marching Corp

It takes a village to raise a festival, and HONK! Fest West is no exception. Their festival would not be possible without the support of the community. If you would like to volunteer for HONK! Fest West 2014, please email

If you would like to donate to HONK! Fest West 2014, you can donate through the Honk Fest website.

They have partnered with Shunpike, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the arts, as our fiscal sponsor. This means your in-kind donation of goods to HONK! Fest West and Shunpike will be tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Visit for more information today!

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Cami Lundeen performs on Lucky Friday the 13th on Vashon Island at Open Space for Arts & Community

Cami Lundeen

Vashon Island singer-songwriter Cami Lundeen and her full band (Wes Peterson-drums, Pat Reardon-electric, Jason Everett-bass) will perform songs from her debut album Run Free, as well as some new and unreleased tunes, this Friday at Open Space for Arts & Community at 18870 103rd Ave SW on Vashon Island. Performances by special guests Danny Newcomb, Mark Pickerel and V. Contreras with William Stover, plus dancing to the grooves of mixmaster DJ Whitmore too!

Live auction featuring various items from local artists and businesses, including a Pam Ingalls original painting, handcrafted leather piece by Teppei Teranishi, Paramount Theater tickets and more!

Enjoy adult beverages from the cash bar presented by Melinda Sontgerath and The Hardware Store Restaurant, including a special signature Lundeen Roadshow Cocktail from our friends at Seattle Distilling Company.

Cami and her family are selling almost all of their earthly possessions and will be living out of their minivan and a pop-up camper as they tour the country. Come see their vehicle and living quarters as well as a map of their intended route as you say your goodbyes and wish them well. All proceeds and donations from this show will go towards the cost of the self-funded tour.

You can read Cami’s story here in the Vashon Island Beachcomber.

Presented by Debra Heesch, emceed by Erik Lundeen and sponsored by our amazing friends at The O-Space, The Hardware Store, Seattle Distilling Company, and Vashon Events, this evening is sure to be a night to remember!

Tickets are $10.00 (12 and under are free) and can be purchased in advance at as well as the Vashon Bookshop. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Listen to Cami’s debut album Run Free:

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Exotica Wednesday with the Spyrographs at Cafe Racer


Celebrate music inspired by exotic tropical destinations and tiki bars with Cheryl Sperio and the Spyrographs. Tunes from Martin Denny, Les Baxter, Arthur Lyman, Yma Sumac and more!

It’s their warm up before their big show July 12 at Tiki Kon in Vancouver/Portland July 11-13.

Show starts at Cafe Racer, 8pm to 11pm
Dinner and drinks with pineapple juice and little paper umbrellas!
5828 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle WA 98102

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Meow! Cat Circus Visits Seattle


Theatre Puget Sound at the Seattle Center, welcomes Samantha Martin and her Amazing Acro-Cats as they WOW Seattle with their Circus Cats show.

The one-hour show features over a dozen fabulous felines (former orphans, rescues, and strays) walking tightropes, pushing carts, skateboarding, jumping through hoops, ringing bells, balancing on balls and turning on lights. Alley, our newest addition to the troupe, will be sure to delight and amaze you with her energy and ability. But wait there’s more! Tuna, the star of the show, is the leader of the ONLY CAT BAND IN EXISTENCE the Rock Cats. With Oz on guitar, Dakota on drums, Nue on keyboards, and Sookie on chimes – Tuna (who plays cowbell) and her band really steal the show with their own style of original music. There is even a chicken, Cluck Norris, on cymbal and tambourine.

Samantha Martin, Chief Executive Human (or CEH for short) for the Amazing Acro-Cats, challenges the idea that “cats can’t be trained.” Tuna and the gang are real house cats who have learned all their skills through something called clicker training. The shows include a demonstration of a cat learning some basic tricks using this method that focuses on positive reinforcement only. Although she has studied and worked with many species, today Martin’s primary focus is on cats. Training builds richer and more meaningful relationships between animals and humans and it can save time and lives in emergencies. A lifelong fascination and unique bond with animals motivated Martin to study and earn her degree in animal husbandry and behavioral sciences.
A portion of the Acro-Cats’ tickets sales is donated to feline shelter and rescue organizations. Martin advocates adoption from these organizations. Over the past four years, Martin has also purr-sonally found homes for over 130 cats and kittens and continues to take fosters on the road and help them find their furr-ever homes.
Hear what others thought of this amazing and educational show:

For more show details and information about the cats, visit the website at

The Amazing Acrocats featuring Tuna and the Rock Cats
Purr-formances begin June 12th through June 22nd , 2014. General admission tickets are $24 and are available at


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A peek behind the scenes at Experience Music Project’s “Spectacle: The Music Video”

Current Exhibit at EMP
Current Exhibit at EMP

We’re so lucky to have the EMP Museum here in Seattle. The building itself, designed by Frank O. Gehry, is a work of art, but the revolving treasures inside are always a treat, this new show, “Spectacle: The Music Video” is no exception.

The interactive exhibit goes behind the scenes in music video history, starting with the early pioneers who made the Skopitones. As the exhibit points out, Scopitone films are the 1960s ancestors of today’s music videos. They were distributed on color 16mm film with a magnetic soundtrack, and were made to be shown on a Scopitone film jukebox. The first Scopitones were made in France in 1960, and the Scopitone craze spread throughout Europe before crossing the Atlantic to the United States in mid-1964. By the end of the 1960s, they were gone. One of the things you notice is how much more sexy they are than videos made in the same era in the U.S.

In other areas of the exhibit you will be able to learn about video pioneers who used the medium to define their public identities like Devo, Beastie Boys, Michael Jackson, and Madonna, to artists like OK Go and Lady Gaga who follow in their footsteps today.

My favorite part of the exhibit is a special section dedicated to the four-time GRAMMY-winning duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis that includes the actual fur coats worn in the Thrift Shop video; The Heist flag and Macklemore’s fur jacket and wolf hat from Can’t Hold Us; as well as many other costumes, objects, original exhibit films, and photo ops.

DSC01278 - Copy

We were at the opening and were thrilled to see performances by Damian Kulash of OK Go and the ever-fabulous Waxie Moon and his girlie friends. But of course the highlight of the evening was a super secret surprise performance by Ryan Lewis and Macklemore. It was freaking awesome, of course.

Some of the EMP staff set up a special room so that guests could re-create a scene from the music video “Thrift Shop”:

While I wasn’t able to participate in that, I was inspired to go home and make up my own version of a music video, just for fun. In real life, I play a real estate broker, so this is my version of “Thrift Shop House Huntin” and I was able to use a photo from the opening at EMP, in front of a giant mural in the Spectacle exhibit:

Spectacle: The Music Video is open all summer at EMP and you can get more information about that and the other exhibits on the Experience Music Project Website. While you’re there, check out some other great exhibits, including “Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses” and “Hear My Train A-Coming: Hendrix in London”, as they’re both really great insights into our local music scene.

Also, if you’re in town on Sunday, June 1st, you may want to go to Madaraka Festival, a benefit concert and art sale to empower youth from Kenya. Madaraka Day commemorates the day that Kenya attained internal self-rule. It celebrates the spirit and meaning of the word Madaraka—Swahili for the authority to make decisions. Madaraka Festival will showcase the music, visual arts, initiatives, and innovations that embody the special relationship between Seattle and Africa. There will be music and special guests! Tickets on the EMP website. Tutaonana!

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